A fitness based vinyasa flow which focuses on building strength, balance and flexibility. This is an empowering class that will awaken both body and mind, bringing conscious awareness of your breath to each movement, exploring new possibilities.


Inspired by Baron Baptiste, this is a yoga practice beyond the physical, encouraging self-enquiry and creating space for something new - in body and mind. 

This is a class with options for all levels of yoga experience - simply turn up with an open mind and be prepared to build some heat for that post-yoga glow! This class is not recommended during pregnancy. 


A gentle vinyasa flow. This class will spend a bit more time on grounding and balancing poses as we mindfully move through our sequence connecting breath to movement, moment to moment. This class presents an opportunity to explore the transitions between each pose, tune into your body's wisdom and release stored physical and emotional tension. 

This is a class suitable for all levels of yoga experience and will allow you to take calm and grounding energy away that will serve your day. Give yourself permission to slow down. Slow flow can be a great compliment alongside your power yoga practice or other forms of exercise and a great option for beginners as we move a little slower through the poses. 

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'Yogic sleep' - a deeply restful practice experienced in physical stillness either  lying down or seated. In this class there is nothing to do or achieve. A guided meditation will take you to a state between waking and sleeping, a chance to explore different states of consciousness. This practice is very restorative and as well as being a physically relaxing, it is a practice that is thought to have many benefits including improving our awareness, soothing the nervous system, improving our sleep and releasing stress.

Contrast to the traditional dynamic yoga asana practice, yoga nidra offers another opportunity to nurture our whole self. It is recommended you have a blanket for this practice to keep you warm. 

I believe the benefits of yoga are there for everyone to experience, give yourself chance to explore what feels good for you. Step onto your mat, trust your intuition and smile! You can't fail and you don't need to perform - let go of expectations and drop out of your mind into your body. 

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